I'm writing this immediately after getting the site working. I have not touched any of Wordpress's settings, nor do I know what they do. I'm just exhausted after 2 days of fuckery.

I'm starting this blog because I want a place to vent about all the dumb shit I encounter, hopefully to preserve this information in a more concrete form than random tweet threads or discord messages spread out amongst rando servers. This is one of those 2am musings ideas.

Everything I do is a pain in the ass and sucks and I inevitably end up complaining about it and now I've procrastinated about 15 minutes since writing the last paragraph and I've forgotten everything I wanted to say. This is what this blog will be like. No direction, just brain dump and ramblings on whatever topic happens to be giving me grief.

There was plenty more I was gonna write but its been 3 days now and I've forgotten it all so I'm just gonna post this and deal with it later.